Confessions of a self-lover..

What’s the deal with this culture of non-lovers?

It’s cool to love your lover (except when you don’t ;))…it’s ok to love your mum (kinda, sorta sometimes as long as you don’t have it tattooed in a heart on your bicep, right)…it’s ok to love your girlfriends (hey it’s even hot - as long as you’re a Katy Perry-esque lipstick lesbian superficial one-time only cause I was curious but deep down, of course, I’m into burly red-blooded men like you kinda way), but damn - why oh why is it so not OK to love yourself!?

I mean seriously it’s an epidemic!

I might be taking the lighter side above sure, but now I’m gonna get real.

This crazy normalisation has to change.

Everything about your quality of life – I mean EVERYTHING stems from how healthy your relationship is with yourself. Yet we live in a culture where admitting you like yourself, let alone LOVE yourself is synonymous with admitting...

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