Project Wake-Up – Ode to a New Earth

I wrote this poem ten years ago as I was experiencing my own soul-awakening.  If it speaks to you, read my story after.. 

When eye contact’s seen as profanity

And value is housed in our vanity
Can no-one see this insanity…
What’s happened to our humanity?

The simple art of human connection
Lost somewhere in our own reflection
A product of our own confection
Consensus guiding misdirection

Are we so concerned with our own immunity
We’ve buried the meaning of true community
Drifting in silos of mindless disunity
Forgotten the truth of our source and our unity

Forgotten giving for giving’s sake
Raising our children to be on the make
Blind leading blind, taught teaching take

This dog-eat-dog world will be fine till it Brakes!
..or breaks..
..or quakes..

Is it floods, or shakes or nuclear bakes
that it takes..
to unclothe our mistakes..
Leave us naked and raw as the new world awakes

It’s time to rebirth, reconnect with our earth
To love this great woman for...

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