Project Wake-Up – Ode to a New Earth

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I wrote this poem ten years ago as I was experiencing my own soul-awakening.  If it speaks to you, read my story after.. 

When eye contact’s seen as profanity

And value is housed in our vanity
Can no-one see this insanity…
What’s happened to our humanity?

The simple art of human connection
Lost somewhere in our own reflection
A product of our own confection
Consensus guiding misdirection

Are we so concerned with our own immunity
We’ve buried the meaning of true community
Drifting in silos of mindless disunity
Forgotten the truth of our source and our unity

Forgotten giving for giving’s sake
Raising our children to be on the make
Blind leading blind, taught teaching take

This dog-eat-dog world will be fine till it Brakes!
..or breaks..
..or quakes..

Is it floods, or shakes or nuclear bakes
that it takes..
to unclothe our mistakes..
Leave us naked and raw as the new world awakes

It’s time to rebirth, reconnect with our earth
To love this great woman for all that she’s worth!
Caressing her creatures, embracing her girth
Leading the way for the active inert…

My Story

I wrote this poem ten years ago as I was experiencing my own soul-awakening.

On a business trip to Sydney I got news a female friend & colleague (who was taking long service leave after 10 years of servitude to a corporation), had died in suddenly in plane crash whilst holidaying in Cuba.

As always when someone dies, the sadness for a life cut short, the grief for those left behind, the questioning of the unexplained and seemingly unfair and the shock of our own mortality, echoed in the depths of my soul. I wondered why. I grieved for the lost opportunities. I grieved for her. I grieved for myself. I replayed the grief of former, closer deaths in my life. 

I contemplated this life of ours and wondered why I felt so disconnected from the sea of busi-ness of George St. I contemplated this as I went to my office and rushed to ride the elevator to the synthesized reality on the 38th Floor. The man-made light, the fake pot-plants, the egoic systems and hierarchies being played out in the busy-ness of business. 

I contemplated this as I tried to catch the elevator as the doors began to shut. And the people inside stared at me, through me & ignored me. Not one person moved to keep those doors ajar. They had their cubicles to get to you see. Their meetings. It was more important to get to that false reality in the sky ten seconds earlier than it was to acknowledge & extend self-lessness and kindness to a fellow human being. 

I observed this & realized I’d been that person too.  

I contemplated, and I woke up. This was not what I wanted for my life, for our humanity. This fragmentation. This separateness. This spending 10 years in a cubicle, stuck in a system that perpetuates people’s beliefs that this is how it must be -  only to realise LIFE as a punctuation mark in an otherwise boxed in story.

I got responsible, I realised Gaia and her children were crying. I realised we had to get back to community, to connectedness, to caring about others as much as we care about self. To stop this madness of individualism. To realise I am you and you am I.

I got responsible for my life. For my thoughts. For my belief system. I challenged my truth. I realised it was nothing but. 

And what I learnt was scary. And challenging. And amazing. And liberating. I learnt that in order to truly know myself, I had to lose myself completely. I learnt I truly am the creator of my world without, by mastering my word within. I learnt my true purpose on this planet & that I know everything and nothing at the same time. I learnt that THIS MOMENT is an intoxicatingly joyous place to be. I found my way to personal freedom. And discovered what is real and what is not.

I learnt I had to do my bit to help others realise this for themselves, to give them access to the insights I was fortunate enough to get. To help guide them along the journey back to the SOURCE that they and we all are. And so I do. And it is a wonderful place to be <3

To know your soul’s work, is the single most important thing you can ever discover. Life purpose, soul calling, whatever you want to call it, is life defining. Without it you will always feel like something is not quite right. 

Trust, beautiful, if you have been led here to read this today – there is a reason. 

You are being called to access your inner gifts & what you are truly here to do. To activate your personal power to affect change and make a difference in shaping not only your own life but the direction of our humanity. 

YOU are THE ONE. And The time is NOW.

If you need clarity and a clear directive path to discover your calling, coupled with an inspired action plan, practical ‘how to’ mentoring and supportive mindset coaching for you to do your thing in the world, join me for my Soul Work’ program and together we’ll do just that.

Love, truth & freedom

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