Project Wake-Up – Ode to a New Earth

consciouness expansion freedom life purpose personal freedom reclaiming your power self-agency self-confidence soul awakening soul calling soul purpose soul self sovereignty Jan 30, 2022

When eye contact's seen as profanity
And value is housed in our vanity
Can no-one see this insanity…  
What’s happened to our humanity?

The simple art of human connection
Lost somewhere in our own reflection
A product of our own confection
Consensus guiding misdirection

Are we so concerned with our own immunity
We’ve buried the meaning of true community
Drifting in silos of mindless disunity
Forgotten the truth of our Source, our unity?

Forgotten giving for giving’s sake
Raising our children to be on the make?
Blind leading blind, taught teaching take?
This dog-eat-dog world will be fine till it...

..or breaks..
..or quakes..

Is it floods, or shakes, or pandem-aches 
that it takes...
to unclothe our mistakes 
Leave us naked and raw as the new world awakes?

It's time to rebirth, receonnect with our earth
To love this great woman for all that she's worth!
Caressing her creatures, embracing her girth
Leading the new way for the active inert..

Opening hearts, leading from soul
Loving each other, connecting the whole
Waking the masses, truth being told
Showing the way, out of all we've been sold


Author’s Note: I wrote this poem twelve years ago, as I was experiencing my own soul-awakening.  Perhaps you’ll relate?

A college had died suddenly in plane crash whilst holidaying in Cuba, (ironically on her trip of a lifetime after ten years of ‘long-service’), and a relationship had ended, almost before it began. 

Both events left me questioning who I was, and the life I was living. Beginning to question my career, my calling, and my relationships, I started to realise there was little depth in these areas. 


These events catalysed an Alice-in-Wonderland journey that led me to question society’s truth, the way we lived as a whole, and why I felt so disconnected in a sea of busy-ness in Sydney’s corporate CBD. 

I remember trying to intercept the elevator doors and the people inside staring straight through me as the doors closed. I contemplated why we make it more important to get to a false reality in the sky, than to extend kindness to a fellow human being. I realised I’d been that person too.  I contemplated, and I woke up. 

This was not what I wanted for my life. For our humanity. This fragmentation. This separateness. This spending ten years in a cubicle - only to realise LIFE as a punctuation mark. 


I got responsible, I realised Gaia and her children were crying. I realised we had to get back to community, to connectedness, to caring about others as much as we care about self.

To realise, I am you, and you am I.

I got responsible for my life. For my thoughts. For my belief system. I dove deep, sought guides, mentors and healing modalities to help me grow. I challenged my truth. I realised it was nothing but. 

I thirsted for growth.

I read books, went to seminars with world leading teachers, like Marianne Williamson, Eckhardt Tolle, Anthony Robbins & John de Martini, developed my own connection spirit through meditation, conscious dance and spiritual practices and expanded my consciousness through all sorts of transpersonal and transformational experiences.   

I studied NLP, Results Coaching, Hypnosis, Subconscious Repatterning, Kinesiology and Dance Therapy and qualified myself to be an agent of change.

And what I learnt was scary. And challenging. And amazing. And liberating.

I learnt that in order to truly know myself, I had to lose myself completely. And that I create my world without, by mastering my world within. 

I learnt I had to do my bit to help others realise this for themselves, to give them access to the insights I was fortunate enough to get. So, this is what I do. 

I quit my corporate job, changed my circles of friends, my home, and my entire life to follow my truth and align with what was truly important to ME, and I’ve never looked back.

To know your soul’s work, is the single most important thing you can ever discover.


Life purpose, soul calling, whatever you want to call it, is life defining. Without it you will always feel like something is not quite right. 

Trust, beautiful soul if you are reading this today, you are one of the leaders of our new earth, whether you have started that journey or not.

Congratulations, and thank you for your courageous heart!  

You are being called to activate your personal power to affect change and make a difference in shaping not only your own life but the direction of our humanity.  

YOU are THE ONE. And The time is NOW.


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