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Meet Michele

 I’m a Melbourne based mentor, facilitator, author & change catalyst, deeply committed to helping you to own your truth, live from your soul and lead from your heart.

I work with women who want to make a difference in the world, live passionately, experience soulful connection, radical self-love and awakening every day to do what you love, because you love it!
 Over the past twelve years I’ve guided hundreds of spiritually awakening women & aspiring change-makers to know their purpose, create meaningful lives, fulfilling careers, soulful businesses and thriving relationships, through my workshops, programs, events and VIP coaching.
 I'm on a mission to help awaken the world through deep connection, and transformational experience. If you're a woman who knows she's here for something more, but not sure what or how to get there, you're in the right place!  


"Michele is a natural 'way-shower' - supportive, focused, fun to be around - a real inspiration!"
~ Natalie Bowcutt

Mentoring Programs


Answering the Call of your Soul - Soul Awakening series, is a series of mentoring programs developed to support soul-awakening women through different stages of their transformational journey.

 From owning your truth to leading with love in your soul biz, this is YOUR heroine's journey. 

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Be the Queen to
Call in Your King Program


Available as both a self-paced and live mentoring program, Be the Queen to Call in Your King is a sacred pathway to attracting your ultimate lover-ship.

Doors open again soon!


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Book a One-on-One
Intro Session


One on one coaching offers individualised guidance unique to your personal situation and the stage of your personal development journey. Read more about private coaching and book a free virtual cuppa


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We all have a highest calling for ourselves, our lives, our work and our relationships, however often external ‘noise’ can confuse, dilute & derail us from that which is truly our deepest desire.

When we have disconnected from this deepest part of us, no matter how good our lives look on paper we will feel a certain emptiness.

This restlessness is your soul awakening you to something bigger, compelling you to look deeper at yourself and your life. Answering the Call of the Soul is for every woman that has ever wanted more from life..


"Michele's wisdom, insight and guidance helped me achieve 

a personal transformation that I didn’t believe was possible." 

~ Marcella Freeman

I highly recommend Michele to anyone looking for something real in their lives, be it love, truth, freedom or anything else the soul needs. Thank you so much Michele for your energy, your presence and guidance over the past few months. You are an amazing gift to this world.

~ Tanja

Michele is intuitive, patient and very knowledgeable at personal and business levels - from relationships to business, marketing, selling etc.  I love her diversity of experience and it was those talents in multiple areas that helped me manage and bring together different areas in my life. Thank you Michele for your love, honest feedback in every session and ongoing support. I loved your wealth of knowledge and expertise. You went beyond ordinary coaching sessions, with so much interim support, additional resources information and I always felt you had my back.

~ Mara

Are you ready to LEAD with LOVE...


+ If you're a woman with a soul-driven business, who wants to leverage her impact and income, this program is for you..


Especially for new earth entrepreneurs. Coaches, facilitators, creatives, healers, change-makers, or those aspiring to be, this is business mentoring, soul-alchemy and heart-aligned strategy to uplevel you, your life and the world.


One on one guidance, for exactly where you're at to take you, your project or your business to the next level, whilst always aligning with your truth.. Think part coaching, part mentoring, part business consulting, all soul. 

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"After working with Michele, I have seen radical transformations in my life, my work, my friendships and family relationships."

~ Stella Rosenburg

Developed especially for women seeking meaningful, long term love partnership, Be the Queen to Call in Your King is a 3 month online intensive program to help you do exactly that!


The program is designed to help you understand & breakthrough any unconscious barriers to love, deeply understand yourself, men & transform how you relate, to prepare you for a next level relationship with an emotionally available, relationship ready man just right for you – then teaches you step by step how to call him in.

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"Michele is authentic, congruent, insightful, wise and caring. One of those rare people who is, who she says she is. I love her grounded approach to life and spirituality, and that she has walked both the corporate and spiritual paths so I know she knows where I'm coming from.
~ Michela Green

I BELIEVE that YOU are here for a reason. I know that you are more powerful than you can possibly imagine. And that right now, more than ever, the world needs you to become the woman you are destined to be and live the techni-colour life you were born for.

I KNOW we are better together. And that when women come together to support each other’s dreams & desires and join in a shared intent for positive change, something truly extraordinary happens. It’s time to rise. To rediscover your power, uncover your soul work, cultivate soul-aligned relationships & lead with love through the unique gifts that only you have.

My heart’s DEEPEST DESIRE is that every woman touched by my work experiences such radical change in her own life, it has a ripple effect throughout her own circles, communities and ultimately the world.