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Michele Peppler Self Love is in the mirror

What’s the deal with this culture of non-lovers?

It’s cool to love your lover (except when you don’t ;))…it’s ok to love your mum (kinda, sorta sometimes as long as you don’t have it tattooed in a heart on your bicep, right)…it’s ok to love your girlfriends (hey it’s even hot - as long as you’re a Katy Perry-esque lipstick lesbian superficial one-time only cause I was curious but deep down, of course, I’m into burly red-blooded men like you kinda way), but damn - why oh why is it so not OK to love yourself!?

I mean seriously it’s an epidemic!

I might be taking the lighter side above sure, but now I’m gonna get real.

This crazy normalisation has to change.

Everything about your quality of life – I mean EVERYTHING stems from how healthy your relationship is with yourself. Yet we live in a culture where admitting you like yourself, let alone LOVE yourself is synonymous with admitting you’ve got a thing for ScoMo.


I’m curious - When’s the last time you heard ‘Well, she just loves herself doesn’t she?’ and known inherently that was a GOOD thing?

Chances are if you’re like 95% of women this remark is something overheard when gossiping about some other woman who seems to exude any aura of confidence, or healthy self-respect.

The funny thing is I used to hang out with girls like this and have realised the more effort put into cutting someone down, the more REASON there is to do it i.e. ‘I feel better when I make you ‘less’ than me.’

Tell me, if I came up to you on the street and said “excuse me do you love yourself” – what would be your automatic response?


In my circles I’m fortunate to know a lot of people who can honestly say they love themselves with pride…but guess what most of them has had to work at it...isn’t that kinda strange?

Setting aside the fact it should even be work to start with, and that quite honestly even they sometimes have their days, I’m constantly amazed at how normalised it is to be self-depreciating, get stuck in comparison & competition & how much time we waste not being ok with ourselves.


And every single one of you has important work to get on & do in the world.

Don’t let your power be taken away by wasting your time invested in stories of not-enough-ness that are fuelled by power systems that don’t want you to realise how incredible you are.

How much light you have to bring into the world.

Life is short & time is a-wasting & the world she needs you to love you, so you can get on with loving her.

Who actively practises self-love out there?

I wanna know! Tell me how awesome you are in the comments. 

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