How to recognize a King – and what does he look for in his Queen?

First, and foremost remember this... Not every man is yet a King, and not every King is YOUR King. That’s ok. Remember if he’s not the one, he’s still one on the way, so here’s some hints on how to recognise a man who is ready to be King, and who he is looking for as his Queen.

Most men want to be around a woman who makes him feel good.  A huge part of this is how he feels about who HE is when he is with her

..unless, he’s validating a story about not being good enough himself, in which case he will look for a woman who feeds this belief, but that’s another story..  

A man who has not become whole within himself, will be with a lesser woman because she makes him feel good about who he is, without having to work for it’ve probably known some grown men who have chosen a woman who is yet to come into her own and wondered why? Well, though you might not like it….this is why! 

A King, on the other...

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