Hola Beauty,
I'm Michele!

I'm a soul-shaker, truth-chaser, don't leave it til later, dream-maker!

I help soul-awakening women live their truth & create soul-aligned lives. 💕

I'm also a writer, mentor, corporate escapee & facilitator of change, deeply committed to revolutionising the way you love, live & lead. 

I believe LOVE is who we are, EXPANSION is why we are here, RELATIONSHIPS are what gives colour to our lives, and MEANINGFUL CONTRIBUTION is the secret to success. 

If you're ready to live a life that's true to you...If you want deep connections, real relationships, purposeful work and soul-alchemised business - I'm your lady.

I know YOU have been led here today, because you want more for your life, and more for the world


I'm here to help you do both...

I believe YOU were born to make a difference... 

My job is to help you make that difference.

A 'Supporter' Entrepreneur in Wealth Dynamics and a Human Design 'Initiator' my life's work is to continually evolve and expand and help others do the same.

In simple terms, that means I am A-MAZING at helping YOU be A-MAZING!!!

I’m interested in what’s real in life – things like authentic human connection, being true to who you are, and doing what you love because you love it.

I think spirituality is sexy, laughter is medicine and good friends make life worth living.

I choose love, truth & freedom as the guiding compass in how I work, live & play.

I’m also author of ‘How to Make a Career from your Calling’ and the creator of the 'Answering the Call of the Soul Mentoring Series' for heart-awakening women.

For over a decade I have been a personal guide for hundreds of women to find, own & live their truth, expand who they are, and up-level their life.


"I’m on this planet to lead with love and help you do the same!"



We are all birthing a new world together. That life is better shared. That the real (r)evolution is LOVE. And that each of us is creating the world we want to live in, by our choices, thoughts and actions.


Ecstatic dance. My incredible soul-tribe. The big, bright yellow sun. Long walks and deep talks with my sexy, supportive man. Nature. Culture. Art. Changing the world, one consciousness shift at a time.


What's real in life. Authentic connection. Writing cool stuff. Creating transformational experiences. Helping you create a better you, a better life and a better world.


Sun, Surf & Soul. Travel. Adventure. And reading in bed! Great food. Great friends. Gratitude. Beachy mornings. Brunchy afternoons. Live music. Good coffee.

My Story... 

My life is full and so is my heart! 


But beauty, life wasn't always this way for me. Back in 2010, I had all the 'things'. The 'good' middle management corporate job. An active social life. The nice car, city apartment and matching wardrobe. 

But underneath it all I just felt kinda 'meh.' Like I wasn't doing was I was really supposed to be doing. I wasn't fulfilled in my corporate job, and didn't feel like my potential was being met. Most of my friendships, and the men I dated lacked, the kind of depth I desired, and I was sick to death of water cooler small talk. It felt kinda like I was playing a role in my own life - like something was missing, only I couldn't quite put my finger on what.

I just knew I yearned for more...

Then something happened.   

A colleague on long service leave died in a plane crash, and yet another relationship ended before it even began. 

I looked around me at the busy-ness of CBD society, and wondered, is this all there is?

That weekend I wrote a poem...for the first time in years. 'Project Wake-Up - Ode to a New Earth' spoke to what I was feeling at the time.  That somehow we'd missed the point as a society. 

It was the kind of soul message I'd heard others talk about, yet my own feminine intuition & creativity had been so blocked for years in left-brain world, I didn't realise it at the time.

You can read it here 

I suddenly realised I wanted more. More depth. More connection. More authenticity.


More love, more laughter, more joy!

I wanted to live from the soul and lead from the heart...only I had no idea how...or even what!

But I knew I had to figure out how. Suddenly I had an urgency to understand myself more. To figure out my purpose on this planet.

To deep dive into truly knowing myself, others and what was the point for humanity as a whole.

I now know, this was the beginning of my soul-awakening. 

So I answered the call of my soul..

And in the next 12 months I had an awakening on every level. 

Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, creatively, energetically and physically.

I started to question what wasn’t working in my life and the world, then dove deeper and realised in order to expand myself beyond what I already knew, I needed help from people who had already expanded themselves.

I became a seeker of spiritual truth and personal transformation. I sought the best mentors, and trainings. I read books, did business seminars, studied personal and professional development courses, mentoring programs and spiritual workshops.

Along the way I quit my job, changed my entire friendship circle, and moved from the city deeper into nature.

I learned lots, of course, and throughout my journey studied transformational modalities like Kinesiology and Hypnosis. I qualified as an NLP practitioner, a ‘Results’ Life-Coach and a Platform Presenter…

But the thing I found along the way that was the most invaluable – was my own truth. My own style. My own rhythm.

I stopped taking the gurus as gospel and saw through the high-octane events. I applied what was useful and left what wasn’t.  

I learned to dance to the beat of my own drum and do it my way.

And as I grew, so did my mindset. My consciousness expanded. My frequency changed. My looks changed. I became lighter and brighter. I lost weight. Slept better. Felt happier.

I felt uplifted, alive and on purpose. Stopped believing what I’d be told or sold about the way the world works. Reclaimed my sovereignty. Found my joy.

I learned how to truly adore the woman in the mirror. Stopped looking outwards for validation and acceptance. I made new friends and called in my soul-tribe and my King.

And as I learnt, I taught.

As I transformed, I offered transformation for others. I worked with hundreds of women, and a handful of men! I learned what it takes to be a successful soul-driven entrepreneur.

And most of all I learned to lead with love.

This was my own personal heroine’s journey of soul-awakening…

But, I know it is not my journey alone.

We are in a time of mass awakening.Of the feminine rising.

Of the New Earth...and we are bringing it in, together.

If you are reading this beauty, no matter where you are on your awakening journey, whether you know it or not, chances are you are one of the leaders of this New Earth, and you are here to make a difference in the world.

I hope we get to know each other better, and I can be of service somewhere along the way your soul journey.

It is my heart’s deepest desire that every woman touched by my work, experiences such radical change in her own life that it has a ripple effect throughout her own circles, communities and ultimately, the world.




Media Kit, Media Relations & Interview Requests

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Want an authentic and inspiring speaker for your next function?

Ex-corporate & soul savvy, Michele’s real, raw and grounded approach to consciousness and spirituality takes the voodoo out of the woo-woo enabling deep transformation for her audiences.

Over the past decade Michele’s inspirational presentations have helped successful ‘modern world’ women to create deeper meaning to their work, lives and relationships.

Michele teaches women how to own their truth in effective communicating, how to build soul-enriching relationships, friendships & like-minded community & do soulful work that contributes meaningfully to the world.


Media Kit, Media Relations & Interview Requests

Please email [email protected]

“Everything I share is learned from my own lived experience. I offer it all to help you dance to the beat of your own drum and live, love and lead from this deeper place of truth.


~Michele xo

Official Bio

Michele Peppler is an inspirational mentor, global thought-leader, change-catalyst, writer & self-made business woman, deeply committed to love & the awakening and evolution of humanity, one personal transformation at a time.

She is also Author of ‘How to Make a Career from your Calling’; Creator of 'Be the Queen to Call in Your King' and the 'Answering the Call of Your Soul' Awakening Series for women, as well as a regular writer for Wake Up World, and Smart Healthy Women’s Magazine; presenter at transformational festivals such as Rainbow Serpent & Seven Sisters and has featured in publications from ‘The Age’ & the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’, to Beanstalk and The Dating Directory.

Described as a natural way-shower, Michele started helping other women after answering the call of her own soul, leaving her days of climbing the corporate ladder, managing teams, deadlines and egos behind her. Realising that there was a desperate need to create and foster community, connection and an infrastructure of belonging that supported other women as they embark on their own personal journey of growth and evolution, Michele has been doing so ever since.

Over the past decade Michele’s inspirational work has helped countless smart, successful ‘modern world’ awakening women, create meaningful lives by guiding them to own their truth, attract next level lover-ship, build soul-enriching friendships & like-minded community & do soulful work that contributes meaningfully to the world.

Michele’s client list includes women like Dr Julianne Wurm, Best Selling Author, Speaker & Founder of Tedx NY; Communications Expert Victoria Rose of The Leadership Voice, Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, Executives and Entrepreneurs – all switched on, soulful women just like you! Their common cause is a desire to live their best lives and a deep knowing they are here to create a positive difference to our rapidly changing world.

Ex corporate & soul savvy, Michele’s grounded approach to personal growth takes the voodoo out of the woo-woo, enabling deep transformation for those starting a spiritual path without feeling like they’ve been thrust into spiritual Olympics!