The Secret to Calling in Your King

 For the last couple of years I’ve been helping women be the Queen to call in their King as the major focus of my’s catchy, it’s cool, it’s clear what it is, right!? 

I mean everyone wants the real deal, deep love, divine union with an incredible partner – right? 

 But here’s the thing. I’ve never been interested in just helping women call in their man.

 Now don’t get me wrong – sharing life with someone amazing makes everything bigger, better, brighter for sure!

And, I’ve helped heaps of women call in incredible partners which makes me soooo happy! 

To see women I’ve worked with, now travelling the world with; starting families with; snapping loved up selfie’s with; sharing milestone birthday’s with, and getting married to the men that they never thought existed, lights my beating heart! 

 BUT- it doesn’t define you, and it sure as sh!t...

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How to recognize a King – and what does he look for in his Queen?

First, and foremost remember this... Not every man is yet a King, and not every King is YOUR King. That’s ok. Remember if he’s not the one, he’s still one on the way, so here’s some hints on how to recognise a man who is ready to be King, and who he is looking for as his Queen.

Most men want to be around a woman who makes him feel good.  A huge part of this is how he feels about who HE is when he is with her

..unless, he’s validating a story about not being good enough himself, in which case he will look for a woman who feeds this belief, but that’s another story..  

A man who has not become whole within himself, will be with a lesser woman because she makes him feel good about who he is, without having to work for it’ve probably known some grown men who have chosen a woman who is yet to come into her own and wondered why? Well, though you might not like it….this is why! 

A King, on the other...

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