How to shift the Covid funk (or any funk for that matter)..

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My heart is feeling for all my friends & soul-fam directly impacted by what’s going on in the external human world right now…please remember there are other worlds you have access to, that can help support you right now.

Your inner world, the spiritual world, the natural world & the world of your soul-tribe for instance.

As part of my soul-tribe and community here I wanted to share 21 quick action tips to help free your mind, body & soul at this time - Mentally, Emotionally, Energetically, Physically and Spiritually.

Use it to raise your vibration, your immunity and your spirit.



Make an emergency feel good playlist with some banger beats & dance like no-ones watching for at least 30 minutes This alone will not only shift your energy, but uplift your spirit.



Any & all. Commune with the natural world, as much as possible. Take your time. Talk to animals. Marvel at scenescapes. Watch the innate ebb & flow of the natural world to understand universal truth, what is real and what is constructed.



Clear the energy in your space. Every day. You can use energy purifying agents such as Paulo Santo, Nag Champa, Frankincense, White Sage, Crystals such as Selenite, Black Tourmaline, or your fav essential oils to clear the old and reset your space every single day.



Call all of your friends – Espesh high-vibe friends. It’s ok to need help and to ask for it. Call on those you know will inspire and support you and not get stuck in story, fear or blast you with their opinion. Similarly though, when you’ve got it to give, check in on your friends and family and support & inspire them also!

There is power in community and connectedness and physical distancing does not have to mean social distance.

We need each other more than ever right now & often it’s when we need each other the most we forget to reach out, so be extra mindful of your support networks cause whatever your opinions are, as far as getting through this happy and healthy, and building something even better on the other side – we really are all in this together.



Any way you want. Whether it’s gentle stretch, your fav yoga practice, jumping up & down or high impact energy exerting movement, it’s imperative you move to shift any ‘stuck-ness’ in your body. We store toxins, emotions, trauma & memories of all kinds in our bodies and the quickest way to transmute that energy is by dislodging it from wherever it is, and allowing it to be released. Remember ‘E-motion’ is energy in motion. So, if you are feeling funky, know it’s just temporary, get up & get moving!



Breath is life-force energy. With each and every mindful breath in we are inhaling the new (regenerative, restorative, hopeful energy) and breathing out the old (stale, old, redundant, outmoded, unnecessary, stagnant energy). Stop and take 10 deeply, intentional deep breaths into your belly. With each breath in, intend to breathe in possibility, rejuvenation, with each outbreath visualize black smoke leaving your body and taking with it any crap you don’t want or need.



Get your creativity on. Express yourself. Draw. Paint. Write. Make music. Build something. Creative energy not only helps with expressing what’s going on for you internally and getting it outside of you but is the energy of existence in all things. Nothing new exists without creative energy. Creative energy is disruptive to the status quo, and when we stop doing everything by route is where solutions come from. It’s also fun, satisfying and activates part of you that elicit joy and fulfilment. You might want to even use it to envision a compelling future and the actions that ARE in your control to create it.



Plug into something inspirational first thing in the morning. Create a playlist of your favourite aspirational people on You-tube. Listen to uplifting podcasts, read an excerpt from an inspirational author or listen to inspiring music to help get you in the right mindset.



Unplug from Mainstream Media, Alternate media, Social Media, Digital Devices, Screens, News Reports or anything else that is telling you what you need to think, feel or know that is outside of yourself. If you can’t turn it off, at least be judicious and mindful. Notice how you feel when you consume whatever media you are. If it makes you feel anxious, fearful, overwhelmed, angry or heightened when you didn’t before – maybe consider if it was beneficial to your wellbeing.



Empower yourself. Cultivate your self-worth and personal power. Remember your sovereignty & do your own deeper research into what is happening around you. Exercise due diligence & personal agency to make your own choices, be fully informed about your rights and activate your personal power.



Everything you read, watch, hear. You cannot hear your own inner wisdom when you saturate yourself with external noise. There is a lot of information and a lot of sources of ‘truth’ flying around right now. And media as a communication medium, always has an agenda. If you want to be truly informed you must look under rocks, and behind closed doors. Do your own research and not blindly consume the ideas and ideologies presented to you.



Music is the sound feelings make. So, put your fav jams on and let music transport you – 80’s power ballads, electro swing, funk, dubstep, pop, thrash metal. Whatever your thing is, let the peaks and troughs move you. Allow the vibrations to move through your body, the bass move your soul and the melody move your spirit.


13. HEAL

If you need some external Support, get a virtual healing, see a mentor or coach to help you move through whatever is going on for you. You don’t have to do it all alone.




Invest in your personal and spiritual growth. Get a Mentor or a coach to help you traverse and transform your challenges, enable choices and transform them into empowered results for your life. This is a great time to do the internal work that will create leaps in your external world. What do you desire most? What are you challenged with? Look up someone who can guide you to change this – now!



The natural way. Lift your vibration by focusing on things that make feel good, give you purpose, hope & aliveness. Recall favourite moments positive memories that elicit positive feelings for you. Create a compelling future and feel into what it will be like when you fulfill your goals.



Get it. Give it. Ask friends & family for what you need. Get professional support if you need it. If you have the capacity yourself reach out and offer support to others – we are all on the same team here. What do you have to offer this cause that is constructive and helpful?



Not your usual self? Cut yourself some slack. We are experiencing a collective dark night of the soul and are on the cusp of the greatest awakening the world has ever seen! Have a little compassion for yourself, and remember everyone else is traversing their own personal experience right now and there is some big stuff in the ether, so try to exercise a little compassion, empathy, drop into your heart and come from kindness and understanding when interacting with others.



If you are funky - Reset your Energy. In the coaching world we call this breaking state or a pattern interrupt. Stopping the momentum of a continuous thought, feeling or behaviour is as simple as doing something different. Have a shower. Get that exercise – no matter what. Just change what you are doing and do something completely different. Do 10 quick pushups/press-ups. Change rooms. Water the plants – Whatever! Just do it.



Create sacredness in your usual routine. Ritualise your mornings. Create an evening devotional practice. Practice reverence in your normal daily activities to stay connected to yourself and stay centred and grounded in the storm.



Set a little space aside to give thanks for all you are and all you have. It’s amazing how powerful this simple practice is, especially when things are dark. Challenge yourself to come up with 100 things you are grateful for right now, or do a daily practice of 10 a day. You’d be surprised all the good you have in your life when you look for it.

And lastly…



Stop the polarity. Stop forcing your views on others. Make the right decisions for you and your loved ones, point people in the direction where they may be able to find answers that empower them and help them awaken, evolve and arrive at their own answers.

Nothing will make something fall on deaf ears more so then telling people they are wrong for their choices and then all the reasons why they are wrong. Everyone has their own set of beliefs, values, past experiences, cultural conditioning etc that inform the things they are thinking right now.

None of it is wrong as much as none of it is absolute truth. None of us know all the truth, no matter how ‘evidenced’ we feel it is. Each one of u only has a small piece of a much bigger puzzle, so you do you, and let others do them.

Hope this helps some of you who need it today. 

My Story: I am fortunate enough to be in sunny Qld right now - something I deliberately chose and do not take for granted.

Last year, I made a conscious choice to return to Victoria to be with my partner, just as we entered the strictest ‘lockdown’ measures in the country for months on end.

Something in my soul told me I needed to have direct lived experience, to have true empathy for what much of the world is going through – for it is easy to be removed from the difficult experiences of our human family when we are distanced from it.

These tips are simple, but powerful and what helped me to navigate the funk…may they help you also & if you need more help to navigate this time, get clarity on how to direct your energy in a purposeful way & reclaim your personal power reach out to me as a mentor.

I got you, and together we got this!

Sending everyone love, truth & freedom today and always.


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