The Secret to Calling in Your King

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 For the last couple of years I’ve been helping women be the Queen to call in their King as the major focus of my’s catchy, it’s cool, it’s clear what it is, right!? 

I mean everyone wants the real deal, deep love, divine union with an incredible partner – right? 

 But here’s the thing. I’ve never been interested in just helping women call in their man.

 Now don’t get me wrong – sharing life with someone amazing makes everything bigger, better, brighter for sure!

And, I’ve helped heaps of women call in incredible partners which makes me soooo happy! 

To see women I’ve worked with, now travelling the world with; starting families with; snapping loved up selfie’s with; sharing milestone birthday’s with, and getting married to the men that they never thought existed, lights my beating heart! 

 BUT- it doesn’t define you, and it sure as sh!t won’t make you happy if you’re not already.

 The operative part of what I have always stood for, is BEING the damn Queen of your own life.  At the core of it all, the kind of deep love most of us want with a partner, only comes after we’ve truly embodied what this means for ourselves.

 It comes from creating divine union with yourself first. And it comes from building a life you truly love from the inside out.

 It comes from dropping the masculine walls, cool girl masks & super capable career woman capes we wear and being brave enough to actually be just YOU (Vulnerability, emotions & all. Oh my!)

 It comes from being okay that this will absolutely & inevitably mean you’re not everyone’s cup of tea. (Yup!)…

 But also knowing that your particular blend, is desirable A.F. to a King with superior taste.

 It comes from truly knowing what your needs, desires, values & visions for life are, being patient enough to hold out for your heart’s deepest yearning & building your Queendom along the way.

 It comes from being courageous enough to keep your heart open in spite of all your reasons not to. And worthy enough to keep your eyes open too.

 When you work with me, please don’t think you are signing up for being rescued from the tower by prince charming charging in on a white horse. It doesn’t happen that way. 

 We work on all levels of you, loving yourself from the inside out and creating your life and relationships from here.

 You want to know what attracts your King?... Being 100% comfortable with your own damn sexy self. It’s being the kind of incredible woman an incredible man WANTS to be with.

 And who is THIS woman? Well she’s simply the YOU, you were destined to be, long before the world told you who you should be. 

Here's the simple truth...

If you’ve been feeling lately like something’s missing, chances are it’s not just your King. 

Chances are, you are actually being called to up-level to something fucking bigger for your life. 

Chances are, you are being called to a new life chapter where it’s time to be deliberate about exactly what you are creating & who you are calling in.

 This ultimate guide to love is founded in deep connection. With self. With others. With life. This is the heart of personal freedom. And personal freedom is at the heart of deep connection.

Guiding you there. That, is the business I am in.



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 Love, truth & Queendom! 

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