Are you feeling an urgency to do something meaningful with your life?  

♡ Do you find yourself sick of small-talk,
yearning conversations with depth, soulful connections & next level relationships?


♡ Do you want to make a difference in the world somehow,
but not even sure what, let alone how? 
Well, get excited beautiful… chances are, you are a soul-awakening woman & I’m here to help you!        


I work with dynamic, professional women who are experiencing a heart & soul awakening to create their ideal relationships, life & biz – all aligned with their soul’s greater calling.

I know you’ve arrived here right now, because your soul is calling YOU! 

What I’ve learned from over twelve years of doing this work is that there are key stages that every woman goes through as she expands & uplevels her life.

Some call it your heroine's journey - I call it Answering the Call of Your Soul.

A series of mentoring programs to support, inspire & coach you to create tangible results in the life areas that are the most important for women like you - extra-ordinary love, soulful friendships, meaningful work, personal freedom and loving yourself from the inside out.

Answering the Call of Your Soul is the roadmap to fulfilling your deepest desires for a meaningful life.

If you're reading this right now, you may be feeling restless, unfulfilled, under-valued, misunderstood, under expressed or just a bit 'meh.' 

Rest assured this is completely normal.

This restlessness is your soul awakening you to something bigger, compelling you to look deeper at yourself and your life.

Watch the video below to see you are right where you are supposed to be...


Answering the Call is YOUR Heroine's Journey..

Want to love yourself from the inside out?

EVERYTHING in your life stems from the most important relationship you’ll ever have - the one with you. Creating loving partnership with you first is the key to freedom in every area of your life.

Most of us are taught that we need to be, do or have more to be lovable, worthy, cool or successful and have forgotten just how incredible we are – just as we are!

This program will help you cultivate deep reconnection with yourself and experience embodied self-love in such a way that you never forget, and help you have the courage & confidence to find, own & live your truth.


Want to discover your calling?

We all have a highest calling for ourselves, our lives, our work and our relationships, however often external ‘noise’ can confuse, dilute & derail us from that which is truly our deepest desire. When we have disconnected from this deepest part of us, no matter how good our lives look on paper we will feel a certain emptiness.

Soul Work is where we discover your soul calling & start living life on purpose. We explore your deepest needs, wants and desires for your life to be fully realised in the way that is most exciting & alive for you and the practical, strategic AND spiritual ways you can lead a nourished, fulfilled life aligned with your calling.

We also map out exactly what needs to happen to realise those dreams in a practical sense, get real about how you can make a career or business from your calling and create a step by step plan & pathway to get there.


Want to call in your soul people?

You don’t join a ‘soul-tribe’, you already have one, bigger than this lifetime. Here you will understand that our relationships are the single most important reason we are here and learn an exact methodology to attract your people and create thriving, soulful relationships of all kinds in your life.

We dive deep into Soulmates, Soulfamily, Soulgroups & the bigger picture reason for relationships in terms of personal evolution, get clear on your circle of influence and who your soul people are, and how to be a beacon to call them in.

You will heal past relationships, let go of relationships that no longer serve, and know exactly who the right people are for this next evolution of your journey. You will learn how to cultivate soul enriching connections with like-minded community and create an aligned inner circle that feels like home.


Want to have a next level relationship with a sexy, soul-aligned man?

Intimate partnership with a beloved makes everything bigger, brighter, richer and infused with that special something - but it takes creating divine partnership with ourselves first.

This course teaches you everything you need to know to prepare for next level love and teaches you step by step how to call in your King.

We get clarity on your relationship needs, wants & desires, understand what quality men are attracted to, how they fall in love and what you need to heal, let go of or cultivate in order to be a match for & call in the right person, for the right reasons for a divine union relationship.

We also explore masculine/feminine polarity in dating & how to activate your feminine allure; where to meet & how to attract self aware, emotionally intelligent men and how to inspire King energy from any man. But most of all how to BE the Queen, to experience the love of your life.


Want to reconnect with all that makes you woman?

As you begin a more spiritual path and begin to connect with the core essence of who you are, many women realise they have separated from their feminine and experience an urgency to want to reconnect with this part of themselves - but often aren’t even really sure what this means!

Activating Your Feminine Power demystifies this most fundamental part of what makes you a woman - your feminine essence and teaches you how to activate and work with your feminine power in life, love & career to do less, attract more, feel more vibrant and experience more joy & aliveness.

Reconnecting to the core of our womanliness & attractive power in life and love, makes life fuller, richer, easier, allows us to have better relationships, experience a deeper connection with ourselves & flow more with life.


Want to launch or grow the business your soul came here to create?



Leverage impact + income that changes the world

There is a new kind of leadership emerging. Leaders of new earth consciousness leading from the heart and changing the way we live for the better. However, many of these new leaders don’t know how to bring their biggest dreams to fruition or lack business and marketing skills to transition from employment to entrepreneurship or take their projects and ideas to the next level.

Especially for aspiring change-makers & existing soulful entrepreneurs, Leading with love is an immersive program supporting you do just this. Launch or uplevel your soul-inspired business in meaningful way that makes a positive impact on the world. 


Long term single at 39, Julie wondered if she’d missed her chance at meeting ‘the one.’ After working with Michele she called in her King and celebrated her 40th birthday with him.

I loved "Calling in Your King" and looked forward to every session! Even if I knew it might be a bit uncomfortable, Michele’s warm and fun nature always made me feel relaxed and calm, even though I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone, which I guess was the point.

I wanted to clear what was blocking me from finding my King and was able to clear things I had no idea I was still hanging onto! This gave me a fresh look at things, I learned to allow myself to be more vulnerable and feminine and really see ways I was ‘doing’ relationships I didn’t even realise, all that ultimately helped me meet my incredible man.

I found the intimate women only space very open and non-judgemental, which really helped with confidence and relatability and Michele was so lovely and open. Loved that it was both theory and experiential/practical. Loved the little gifts & touches along the way too.

Julie, Account Manager


Can’t decide what’s best for you right now?  




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