Awake, Aware, Real.

Sometimes quirky. Sometimes serious. Open-hearted. Ever curious. Lover of life.

I’m also a writer, mentor, corporate escapee & facilitator of change, deeply committed to revolutionising the way you love, live & lead.

I help women create personal freedom, soulful relationships, meaningful lives and successful soul-led businesses.

I’m interested in what’s real in life – things like authentic human connection, being true to who you are and doing what you love because you love it!

I believe that LOVE is who we are, CONNECTION is why we are here, and our RELATIONSHIPS are what gives meaning to our lives.

And that purposeful living is the key to personal aliveness...

I think spirituality is sexy, laughter is medicine and good friends make life worth living.

I choose love, truth & freedom as the guiding compass in how I work, live & play.

I’m also author of ‘How to Make a Career from your Calling’ and the creator of Answering the Call of the Soul mentoring journey for heart-awakening women.

I have been a personal guide for thousands of women to find, own & live their truth, expand who they are and up-level their life.


I’m on this planet to lead with love and to help you do the same.


Official Biography

Michele Peppler is an inspirational mentor, global thought-leader, change-catalyst, writer & self-made business woman deeply committed to the awakening and evolution of humanity through real connection and transformational experience.

She is also Author of ‘How to Make a Career from your Calling’; Columnist for Wake Up World, Smart Healthy Women’s Magazine; Regular presenter at transformational festivals such as Rainbow Serpent & Seven Sisters and regularly features in media publications including ‘The Age’ and the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’, Beanstalk and The Dating Directory.

Described as a natural way-shower, Michele started helping other women after answering the call of her own soul, leaving her days of climbing the corporate ladder managing teams, deadlines and egos behind her. Realising that there was a desperate need to create and foster community, connection and an infrastructure of belonging that supported other women as they embark on their own personal journey of growth and evolution, Michele has been doing so ever since.

Over the past decade Michele’s inspirational work has helped countless smart, successful ‘modern world’ heart-awakening women create meaningful lives by teaching them how own their truth, attract next level lover-ship, build soul-enriching relationships, friendships & like-minded community & do soulful work that contributes meaningfully to the world.

Michele’s client list includes women like Dr Julianne Wurm, Best Selling Author, Speaker & Founder of Tedx NY; Communications Expert Victoria Rose of The Leadership Voice, Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, Executives and Entrepreneurs – all switched on, soulful women just like you! The one thing they have in common is a want to live their best lives and a deep knowing they are here to create some sort of positive difference to our rapidly changing world. 

Ex corporate & soul savvy, Michele’s grounded approach to personal growth takes the voodoo out of the woo-woo, enabling deep transformation for those starting a spiritual path without feeling like they’ve somehow been thrust into spiritual olympics!

“Everything I share is learned from my own lived experience. I offer it all to help you dance to the beat of your own drum and live, love and lead from this deeper place of truth.

It is my heart’s deepest desire that every woman touched by my work, experiences such radical change in her own life that it has a ripple effect throughout her own circles, communities and ultimately, the world.”   

                                                                                      ~Michele xo

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Want an authentic and inspiring speaker for your next function?

Ex-corporate & soul savvy, Michele’s real, raw and grounded approach to consciousness and spirituality takes the voodoo out of the woo-woo enabling deep transformation for her audiences.

Over the past decade Michele’s inspirational presentations have helped successful ‘modern world’ women to create deeper meaning to their work, lives and relationships.

Michele teaches women how to own their truth in effective communicating, how to build soul-enriching relationships, friendships & like-minded community & do soulful work that contributes meaningfully to the world.

Media Kit, Media Relations & Interview Requests

Please email [email protected]



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