♡ Crave deep SOUL CONNECTION with a sexy man of substance?


Desire to be truly SEEN, appreciated & loved for all you are?


♡ Successful in other life areas but can’t seem to get this relationship thing right?


If you’re over the world of insta-tinder relationships, done with meeting the wrong kind of man and TRULY ready for next-level love..



Applications are Now Open!

Especially for women seeking meaningful, long term love partnership, Be the Queen to Call in Your King is a deep dive online intensive mentoring program to help you do exactly that!

This powerful 10 week mentorship  personally guides you through the blind spots you can't see for yourself; helps you transform unconscious sabotage patterns or beliefs that are in the way of your heart's desires; teaches you how men fall in love, shows you how to deeply understand yourself & men to transform how you relate, embody your allure, increase your attraction and date with confidence.


Be the Queen takes you through a powerful layered process to address the main reasons unconsciously sabotaging incredible women from having the kind of relationship they desire.

❤ Highly experiential, fusing practical activities, leading edge relationship coaching methodologies & spiritual practices designed to teach and transform, help you date with confidence, demystify men and fall in love with love again. 

❤ Diffuse any specific personal blockages; own your value; be crystal clear what you want.

❤ Activate your feminine attraction, fully open to love AND be 100% comfortable with your boundaries.

❤ Learn empowering tips to make online dating fun and date like a Queen from the get go!  

❤ Understand how men approach dating & relationships and what makes a quality man fall & stay in love...whilst learning the exact pathway to attract an amazing life partner. 

On a practical level, the program is delivered LIVE online over 12 weeks.



  • 10 x  Intimate LIVE group masterclasses personally delivered each week by Michele.
  • 1:1 Personal Coaching (personal intro call and 1 x 45min individual coaching session)
  • Special guest experts, Powerful NLP audio processes &
  • Subliminal programming visualisations,
  • Practical Embodiment activities
  • A beautiful 160 page printable workbook
  • Bonus learning videos and more!...
  • PLUS: a special bonus self-love ritual gift pack


All yours to keep - forever.

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❤ Be open to receiving next level love and deep soulful connection.

❤ Date with confidence & value yourself as a high-quality woman.

❤ Be crystal clear what you are looking for in a partner & 100% committed to the love you desire.

❤ Deeply understand yourself in relationships, your relationship to men, love and most importantly yourself.

❤ Have removed unconscious blocks, patterns that could be sabotaging your relationshis.

❤ Have let go of past hurts, challenged your attraction myths, and rewritten your relationship story.

❤ Know how to work with the energies of masculine/feminine to build attraction and inspire King energy from any man.

❤ Love yourself from the inside out and thrive as a powerful, confident and feminine woman.

❤ Have activated & cultivated your feminine radiance to be attracting the right men for you.
❤ Gained insight into what quality men are attracted to & how they fall in love.

❤ Have healthy boundaries and comfortably say ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘I’m not sure yet.’ 

❤ Know how & where to meet incredible men both on & offline.

❤ Learned the art of building emotional attraction and maintaining long-term desire.

❤ Have crafted or refined a great online dating profile truly representing you, so you stand out to the right men.

So who am I to lead you on this journey, anyway? 


The world is full of smart, soulful, successful women…who yearn to be deeply met by an incredible man and experience next level love…yet for some reason this great love has somehow alluded them…

I should know, until I learned what I’m about to teach you, I was one of them!


My deepest wish is to show you exactly how I called in my King, so you can call in yours in too. For over a decade, I’ve been a coach, mentor & facilitator supporting women to live from the soul & lead from the heart.

And as with everything I teach, I ALWAYS live it first.  Calling in your King was a program I lived as I created it.. 

You see, for me, I wanted something EXTRA-ordinary, as I know you do too! I’m talking deep love, divine union, with a sexy, soulful, emotionally intelligent man who could meet me on every level…and yet looks at me like he was the luckiest man alive.

And call him in I did! 

A man who chops wood AND writes poetry. Who has my back no matter what. A man who shows me every day we're a team, and celebrates my independence and freedom as a woman. 

And in the past four years I’m absolutely thrilled that I've been able to help so many other incredible women to call in their Kings too! 


As a coach, when I created great love in my life it was paramount to me to be a lived example that life-changing love is possible for you no matter what.  This is my absolute unwavering belief and lived experience and I promise to show you exactly how you can create great love too.

Because, here's the thing, he didn’t just fall into my lap..

First, I had to understand the way men ‘do’ love & relationships, so very differently to us. (And quite honestly what I learnt blew me away! I mean I thought I was a pretty smart, switched on woman!)  But I had blind-spots I had no idea were even there, keeping me stuck unconsciously creating the same relationship dynamics over & again. I had to be willing to admit I didn't know something and started a journey of discovery in this area and learnt from world class teachers how to grow myself into the kind of woman that was actually available for the kind of next level love I desired.

I discovered what builds the kind of deep committed attraction that makes a man want to make a life with you & treat you as his Queen. I learned how to activate my feminine magnetism & work with the law of attraction to be the vibrational match that literally drew him into my life. 


When I had taken myself through the exact methodology I now teach, I wrote a letter ‘Calling in my King.’ It was exactly 11.11 am.

Just seven days later, my partner wrote to me on a dating site. His birthday... is 11.11! 

I knew early on he was my one and within a few short months, I knew the time to teach this process to other women had arrived.

In the years since, my clients have married, had children with; celebrated milestone birthday's with; are travelling the world with; are building lives with the Kings, they met after working with me…and so too can you!

Every single thing I’m about to teach you in this course is the culmination of what enabled me and the many others I’ve now taught to do this, so you too can cut through the confusion, call in your King & experience the deep love you truly desire & deserve.

To your Queendom!

Vanya married her dream guy in Bali! I was thrilled to be invited to her wedding...

"I came to Michele on a friend’s recommendation, wanting change in two big areas of my life, work and love. Some months and a hundred tiny ‘shifts’ in me later the results have been incredible.

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, I’m now engaged to be married to the most wonderful man! It’s a healthy, happy, easy relationship, and I’m still amazed that in a few short months I've gone from having difficulty letting go of a previous relationship to marrying the man of my dreams! 

On the business front the change has been equally huge. My business is going better than it ever has before. I’m making more money, having proper time off (!) and, most importantly, enjoying work wholeheartedly for the first time in years.

Michele has been amazing. Unlike many professional counselling/coaching types, she’s truly ‘been there, done that’ – corporate life, the scientific approach, the alternative path, self-employment. I knew that she could relate to what was happening for me, so I felt free to share everything, which allowed us to work holistically.

Michele, thank you with all my heart!"

- Vanya, Freelance Writer















This program is for the woman who despite everything, knows deep down that she is destined for extra-ordinary love. 

❤ You’re ready to experience deep, soulful love with an extraordinary man who meets you on every level.

❤ You keep attracting the wrong kind of men or it starts strong but fades fast & you’re left confused about what happened.

❤ You’ve been long-term single or out of a long-term relationship & aren’t sure how to navigate meeting someone new.

❤ Deep down despite it all you still believe in & yearn for great love & know it is possible for you.

❤ You crave to be seen for all you are, to feel vibrant, sexy & alive in both life & love.

❤ You want to fall in love with yourself, ignite your natural allure & learn the secrets to awakening love & lasting desire in your chosen man. 

❤ You are willing to do the work to commit to the kind of great love you truly desire in your heart of hearts.

❤ You want practical solutions, accountability, irrevocable breakthroughs and tangible results delivered with warmth, love and a mentor who'll gently challenge you in all the good ways.  

are not willing to 'go there'

❤  This program is designed to gently challenge what isn't working to change your experience of life, love and help you actually create your dream lover-ship. It will ask you to dive deep and stretch your edges, so it's not for women who say they want extra-ordinary love, but aren't willing to expand, grow, learn or try new things on! 

It's not for those who want me to do the work for them, but for the woman who is truly committed to understanding herself in relationships, so she can experience radical transformation & breakthrough whatever may be in the way of the love she deserves & desire.


  During our time together I will hold the vibration of love abundance, Queendom & massive transformation for you. I will welcome you with open arms & create a safe sanctuary for you to freely explore all of you, as we shine a light in the places we need to go, and I promise you the way you love will never be the same. 

Sarah met her man just 3 months later... 


"When I first contemplated doing this program I was thinking, ‘Can I afford it?’

‘Do I have the time?’ ‘I don’t like group work’ ‘Oh my life is fine as I have everything else in my life going perfectly, just not the relationship.’

Seriously, what was I thinking?

Be the Queen offers so much more than what I thought I was signing up to. I would have paid loads more to experience just HALF the things the program offers!

Michele invests so much in you and the group, that you can’t help but deep dive into investing into yourself. The momentum that this creates within the group supports each woman to feel empowered towards making long lasting changes. That's right, long lasting, as it’s definitely no band aid approach.

Oh and did I meet someone!? I sure did!

We met 3 months after the course and we are still going strong… and this time it feels different than ever before. I was single for sooooooo many years before this program, and had a string of choosing the wrong men and things not working out- I could have kept going in this direction but I am so glad that I decided to really invest in myself  ‘cause I am very much worth it!”


- Sarah V, Corporate Consultant

The experience includes a LIVE online program and weekly intimate group coaching masterclasses delivered by Michele over 12 weeks. Supported by lifetime access training materials; a private facilitated online community forum for ongoing support, sharing, accountability & encouragement; a beautiful comprehensive manual & workbook; powerful weekly home embodiment activities; practical exercises; guided visualisations & subliminal audio processes, deep self -enquiry, ritual, access to a private membership hub with additional support resources, readings & viewings to deepen your learnings and accelerate your transformation.

The program teaches you a step by step methodology to prepare for and call in next level love & how to keep it alive! All starting with the relationship with you. 


Live weekly group coaching masterclasses with opportunities for your personal situation to be coached (All zoom calls recorded if you can’t make a session)

❤ Over 18 hours of professional coaching lessons delivered as individual modules

1 x 1:1 Personal coaching session with Michele

❤ Unique ‘Commitments to Queendom’ homework embodiment activities & practical tools each week   

❤ Private online support group for daily support, inspiration and shared encouragement & additional access to Michele

❤ Special guest: Somatic sexologist & sensuality expert presenter

Support Sister Structure (You will be paired up with a support sister for extra support to workshop between facilitated sessions)

A full 60+ page workbook & content rich Quintessential Queen’s reference handbook - yours forever.

Guided audio affirmations, visualisations and NLP processes.

Your guide to decoding men in love, dating & relating.

❤ 10 Places to Meet Great Men – Bonus E-Guide

❤ Lifetime access to all training materials & resources supplied.

❤ Special welcome gift posted directly to you.

❤ Additional resources, readings, viewings & exercises bespoke to what arises in your specific group experience  

❤ Everything you need to know to help you navigate the world of dating, men & love to create deeply committed, soulful love.


Both individual and intimate group mentoring options available.
Various payment options are available depending on the experience you desire.

Book a call to apply & see what's right for you.

Payment Plans & Credit Card available.

Want Private Coaching?

Choose to journey privately with Michele for a completely individualised VIP experience tailored to your unique situation & circumstances that arise along the way. Contact Michele for pricing options and chose what works for you. 

Book a Virtual Cuppa

Natalie had more dates in weeks than she’d had in years!


"As soon as I saw this course I knew I had to do it. I’d had a break from men after having a ‘bad run’ & I was drained after always attracting the wrong kind of partner.

I knew that it was something to do with some of my beliefs about myself, but wasn’t quite sure what. Discovering the subtle patterns in my relationships and seeing my role in these was a real eye opener. Actually realising the beliefs behind my behaviour, gave me the power back to change it.

I had so many insights just doing the homework and even though apprehensive at first, I ended up loving the group setting!  It was really good to connect in that way, knowing you had the support during and after the course.

I met some ace ladies and made a few good friends. I loved the self-enquiry, the one on one chats; being able to talk about this stuff that rarely gets talked about was really special.

Michele is really passionate about her work and it really shines through and is super inspiring. She knows when to hold your hand, when to encourage you, guide or push you and when to crack a joke and doesn’t stop in offering you her best service the whole way through. 100% the biggest learning has been the relationship with myself. I truly feel more loveable now and have had more dates in the past few weeks than the last year!  Realising how I actually felt about myself on the deepest level and then transforming that has been invaluable!"

~ Natalie M, Fashion Designer 


Creating Your Vision for Love 

Recalibrate your vibration to invite your King in from the very first module. Here we provide the exact pathway to help you know that extraordinary love is not only possible but inevitable for you and shatter the illusions and myths in the way. Get crystal clear on your vision for love and prepare physically, mentally, emotionally & energetically for love.


Redefining Ourselves and Our Relationships  

We all have a relationship story, that informs, influences and creates our relationships, including who we are (or are not) calling into our lives.  In this module we uncover any unconscious blocks or unwanted patterns, redefine our relationship to relationships, clear the past and rewrite our story. When we finish remapping your relational blueprint a whole new world awaits!


Choosing YOU First - Returning to the Source of Love 

Everything in our life stems from our relationship with ourselves. Before you can call in the lover you desire you must first BE the lover you want.  Here we cultivate a next-level relationship with YOU and learn to love yourself from the inside out. Own your worth, realise your power, activate your desirability and become the Queen of your own life.


Activating your Feminine Attraction 

A powerfully feminine woman is the most attractive force on earth. Here we understand the differences and interplay between masculine and feminine energies, and the importance of polarity in dating and relating. Reconnect to your divine womanliness, experience your feminine essence and allure and learn how to activate your feminine attractive power


Understanding The Secret Language of Men in Love, Dating & Relating (Part 1)

Cut straight to the heart to teach you why men do the weird and wonderful things they do that seem so confusing especially at pivotal stages of early dating. Learn what a quality man finds attractive in a woman he sees as a potential long term partner and simple ways to authentically increase your attractionRecognise a man who is relationship ready, what constructive and destructive male energy is and how to inspire King energy from any man.


Becoming the Queen - Embodiment

Here we experience powerful embodiment practices that will help deepen your connection to your womanliness, explore masculine, feminine polarity principles experientially, activate your magnetic radiance and awaken to the world of sovereign pleasure & sensuality - with special guest, somatic sexologist, Allonie Morris 


Understanding The Secret Language of Men (Part 2)

A continuation of module 5 - This one's big! Here we also reveal how men fall in love (so differently to women!) and why knowing this can make all the difference to whether we build or repel attraction when dating. We also dive into the art of cultivating both love and desire for continued long-term relating success.


Date like A Queen

Now you've owned your Queendom, this is where we talk all things dating with authentic confidence, practical strategies to meet aligned high-quality men, crafting a great online profile & navigating the world of online dating with ease & grace. You'll learn how to date like a Queen, learn when to say yes, no and I'm not sure yet, and the do's and dont's of early dating to repel the wrong men and build attraction in the right ones.      


Keeping the Queen Vibration 

Congratulations Queen - Now we are truly ready!

As you are out there in the world of dating with your new-found Queendom, this module is the best friend sounding board you wish you had from your actual friends – but don’t.  Integrate all you've learned with extra confidence hacks to prepare for & debrief your dating experiences; decipher man-biguous messages; support you with real life situations; keep you committed to your vision and get unbiased, non-judgemental expert advice on what’s going on for you as you date to meet your KING!


All About YOU

Included in the program is 1 x 45min personalised session direct with Michele. This session is bespoke coaching just for you. You get my undivided personal attention on anything you may need specific to your own unique circumstances. This is recommended at the end of the course, however you can book throughout if desired.  



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