Want to know 10 Places to Meet Great Like-Minded Men?   

Ever wondered, where all the good men are?  This guide is the ultimate answer!  Includes 10 places to meet high quality, soul-aligned men, AND an exact pathway to attracting a sexy, soulful partner for long-term, next-level lover-ship!


Ever wondered where all the good men are? Find out here...



10 Places to Meet High Quality, Soul-Aligned Men!  

Ten places to meet emotionally intelligent, self aware, relationship oriented men - all tried and tested places where my clients have met incredible partners they now share their lives with!

How I Manifested My Dream Man in Just 7 Days...After 10 Years Single!

And more importantly, how applying this same methodology can work for any woman, at any life stage, to manifest the man of her dreams too - even after years single or casually dating.

An Exact Step by Step Pathway to Calling in Soul-mate Lover-ship 

Learn not only where to meet men, but why these places work to create meaningful, lasting relationships, and how to create divine union lover-ship with the right person. 

Expert Tips on What You Can Do Right Now to Attract Divine Union Love   

Anyone can be in a mediocre relationship, but great-love? That's something they don't teach in schools!  Find out how to start attracting next-level love with a sexy man of substance right now!  

"This guide gave so much more than I was expecting from a quick tip guide! It really made me stop and think about things I've never considered before."
~ Gemma White, Entrepreneur
"Thanks for everything Michele! Thanks to you, I've had more dates in the past few weeks, than I've had in the past year!"
~ Nicola McClaren, Fashion Designer

Who am I to know anything about meeting great men anyway?

Hey beauty, I'm Michele!

That's me on the left - with my great man. A guy who chops wood and writes poetry. Who champions my soul-work in the world, celebrates my freedom, and has my back no matter what - and looks at me, like HE's the one who won the lottery!

Now you might be thinking - 'yeh sure, easy for some'. But it wasn't easy at all! In fact, before I met my man, I was single for a decade! I'd been coaching soul-driven women for years, but in my private life, I had no idea why I kept meeting the wrong guys. Men who couldn't meet me in the ways I desired to be met, or guys that just didn't want anything serious.

But, then one day I had a conversation with a tantra teacher friend that blew my mind, making me realise I was dating blindly. And I thought I was pretty switched-on!

This one insight, made me realise, if I wanted the kind of conscious, next-level love I yearned for, there were things I didn't know! So, I learned everything I could about men, relationships & myself. The result - a relationship I used to only dream about. 

But the best bit!? I put together everything I Iearned about love over those years to help other women create great love too, and in the past seven years, I'm thrilled to have helped women all over the world do just that! So let's get you started with 10 places to meet incredible guys - Hint: They're not where you might think!  

What Other Women Say About Michele


Stella Rosenburg, CFO

Michele is not only is very knowledgeable and has great understanding of the psychology of men and women and relationships, but is extremely relatable, down to earth and provides great practical day to day tips and dating strategies, which is enormously helpful navigating the world of dating.
Lucy Graham, Singer

I attended an event Michele recommended - It was awesome, and guess what? I met a beautiful man! He was the most spiritual person I've had an intimate physical and emotion connection with, and it showed me the kind of deep, conscious connection that is possible for me to have.
Anne O'Halloran,  Script-Writer

Michele's passion for her work shines through. She is super inspiring, and she never stops giving you her best. She knows exactly when to hold your hand, when to encourage you, when to push you and just when to crack a joke to help you get that break-through! Thanks Michele for everything.
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